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‘What do I see?’ 2016

Our impact on the planet now constitutes its own distinct geological epoch, the Anthroposcene in which over half of the concrete produced to date has been poured in the past twenty years. A defining characteristic of the Anthroposcene will be the concrete fossils that future geologists will unearth.

The film can be viewed on Vimeo here:


‘Return To Borobudor’ 2016

This film, made following a research fellowship I held at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, explores the idea of sculpture as an archive, a repository of memory both personal and collective. It’s about my first encounter with the sculpture ‘At The Foot Of Borobudur’ by Charles Hewlings in 1976 at a London Gallery. In 2014 I helped Charles re-install it in the Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park after 37 years I found myself standing again in front of the sculpture memories of which I have recalled at various points in the intervening period.

The film can be viewed on Vimeo here:

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 11.31.53.png

A Life Drawing

This film accompanied my exhibition 'A Life Drawing' at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery in 2015. In film I am in conversation with Deborah Dean the curator at the museum.

The film can be viewed in Vimeo here:

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 11.42.57.png

Collab Project Showreel

During the month of January 2018 John Plowman and Bernard Leibov collaborated on a project that explored the dynamic of the collaborative process. With the focus on studio production that explored a sense of place their aim was to establish a framework for the collaboration in which they could interrogate and better understand their respective positions of artist and curator and make work reflective of this process. The four films on ‘The Collab Project Showreel’ are one of the outcomes of their collaboration.

The film can be viewed on Vimeo here:

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